Wednesday, June 7, 2017

MK Review: Frozen Surprise Slides with a Four Year Old (almost)

MK Review: Frozen Surprise Slides 

with a Four Year Old (almost)


It has been too long since we did a review from the eyes of a child. In this case, my now almost four year old. We first heard from M in our review: MK Review: Hisss With a Three Year Old. She is back with us today to show us her take on the Disney Frozen version of the Surprise Slides Game

Most parents went through this stage at the same time. Frozen came out and every child was heard singing 'Let It Go' nonstop for what seemed like forever. I thought I had been lucky enough to avoid this, as my eldest girl was too young to get into it when it came out. Go ahead, laugh. I have no idea what I was thinking. I should have just braced myself for the storm and been ready for it. So, about a year or two after everyone else was slowly phasing out their Frozen stock and finally listening to a new set of songs sung loudly and off key, I was smacked full force in the face with the obsession of an almost three year old, focused on a single movie. In began to flow dolls, CD's, clothes, books, etc. all happily displaying the smiling face of Elsa and Anna. It was during this time that she also happened to be showing an interest in Tabletop games! This is where my 'Devious Dork Brain' found an inch to turn into a mile.

As the holiday season drew close and we searched for just the right gifts for our girls, we came across this one. Ever since the first day she ripped the paper off the package she has been asking to play 'My Frozen game' at least once a day. That says a lot to me! Let's get this review rolling.

The Game

Most of us know the old classic Chutes and Ladders. This is actually a fun variation of it. It does add a new mechanic that can keep the game a bit more interesting over time. You have the path you must follow to get to the Ice Castle. There are the somewhat familiar 'slides' that you ride if you land on the space. That is about where the games match. If you spin a color, move to next space of that color. If you spin a snowflake, move to nearest snowflake and ride the slide. It is these last two options on the spinner that make this game unique.

On one of the spaces is a single tile with two arrows indicating that the tile is being flipped. If you roll this space, pull out the four tiles in the board and flip them over before replacing them in the same space it came from. If you spin the space that has all four tiles pictured on it than you remove all four tiles, flip them and put them back in any order you choose! This changes the direction that the slides go, even making it so that they can only move opponents backward if you play it out right. Just remember, you are on the same board as they are... 

The quality of the pieces is typical of what I call 'child targeting' games. Solid card board pieces, solid plastic bits, the Iconic Disney art keeping the theme flowing throughout the entire game, etc. This type of game is a definite shout-out to the old classic style of basic games that will get destroyed by kids. Cheap to produce, acceptable purchase price and a limited amount of fun. At least for those of us who are used to much more complex and immersive Tabletop experiences. The impressions of the young however...

I did my normal range of questions for her so we could gage her enjoyment appropriately. 

MK: Do you like this game?
M: Yes! It's my favorite!
MK: Why do you like this game?
M: Because I can be Elsa and play with my family!
MK: What is your favorite part of the game?
M: I can be Elsa and ride the slides! I want to play it every day!

The Wrap Up

That is not an understatement. This is the number one game my daughter reaches for nine times out of ten. It gets old and kinda boring to this old Tabletop enthusiast, but to that little girl, there is nothing more fabulous than getting to play your favorite game with your Papa. I understand. I have such enormous levels of excitement about all of my favorite games that I hope to play with her. So from the mouths of babes, this game gets the Five Star treatment. For me, this is not one of those 'Do What You Love' moments ...but it is definitely a 'Love What You Do' moment. There truly is nothing better than participating in the excitement of a child. It gets your inner child to come out and play.

Until next time... Game On!