Tuesday, September 20, 2016

MK Review: HISSS With a Three Year Old

MK Review: HISSS With a Three Year Old

Welcome to a very unique review. How might you ask? How often do you get to read a review based on the impressions of a Three Year Old? I know, when you first saw the game to be reviewed, you had to wonder how much trash would be talked about the game. It was designed with kids from Four and above in mind, and this guy plays games with rule books that read like textbooks. This is going to be a roast!

Nope. Sorry to disappoint you. I actually broke this one out to play with my Three Year Old, whom we shall call M. Why give my opinions when I am not the target audience? I wanted to give you a solid impression from the perspective of the person you buy the game for. M has a good brain in her head, and is quickly developing a love for games, just like her Papa. I find it important to both stimulate and challenge my children on a mental level. I also believe that Tabletop games are one of the best ways to do that while having fun and experiencing real face to face social interaction, something too many kids are missing these days.

Right out of the box I was happy with the game from a parental point of view. Produced by the good folks over at Gamewright it has a preschool designation right on the box. it takes about 15 minutes to play a single round of the game. You can play with two to five players, suggested age is four years and above. It has that big round gold seal of approval, otherwise known as the "Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Best Toy Award" affixed right to the lid. The bright, distinctive colors of the cards were easy to differentiate, even between colors like yellow, orange and red that can look similar being from the same end of the spectrum. The cards themselves are made out of a solid thick cardboard stock. This is a major bonus! When you have a bunch of kids playing with a set of cards you need more than basic wax coated paper to have any sort of longevity. I know in my family we killed a lot of games through card destruction. The rules are simple enough to be understood, even by my three year old. 

You shuffle the stack, draw one card and place it on the table to start the game. The youngest player goes first. On your turn, you draw a card, if it can match colors anywhere on the table, you line it up as part of the snake. If it doesn't have a place that matches, it becomes a new snake. Each snake must have a head, at least one "middle" piece and a tail. If you put down a piece that completes a snake, you collect the snake! If your piece can combine two active snakes on the table, than it does! Whoever collects the most pieces wins! Tie? Who ever made the longest snake wins!

Very simple yet fun mechanic. The current record for longest snake in our house sits at nineteen pieces, collected by M, in the same game she whooped my butt 45 - 4. Since breaking it out just less than a week ago we have played it over a dozen times in at least three sittings. M will go over to the game shelf, take the game down, then look at me with a huge grin and say "HISSS! Papa, can we play the snake game again?" It was an obvious and instant hit. I made sure to ask her a few basic questions after each session of play, and her answers didn't change. 

MK - Do you like this game?
M - YESSS! (saying it just like she says HISSS)

MK - What do you like best about the game?
M - I like the colors and the counting!

Most frequently uttered phrases
- We are making snakes!
- Can we play that one again?

If I had to rate this game without a child involved, it might rate a bit lower, but only because I am not sure how long this game would keep my interest. As I said it is a simple mechanic and after about three to six games or so in one sitting I am done. My daughter (you know, the target audience) would rate this game a lot higher. So I will give this an M rating of 4 stars!

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Until next time ...Game On!