Tuesday, August 9, 2016

MK From Conept to Creation: Who are you?


Last week we took our first glimpse at the backstory of the character we are creating in Finding Ones Place in the World. Our reader input options all surrounded narrowing down our options for who this person is. Here are the results!

Race = Human (Unanimous!)
Gender = Male
Class = Bard
Alignment = Neutral

Now we continue our process

MK From Concept to Creation: Who are you?

 What we have so far

Our current character is a foreigner. Betrayed by their Superiors, they have left their country in fear of death. They feel no guilt over the loss of life in their past, but do aim to hold accountable those responsible. They are out to prove themselves free of guilt and to even a score. They have trust issues mainly aimed at people in power, but still judge everyone by their trustworthiness. 

Adding in the Obvious
With the addition of our reader input I see some fun ideas! Some are simple, like Gender. We can now use the appropriate pronoun when speaking about him! 

The fact that he is human does make a whole lot of sense. The most common race in almost every realm is human, and they are the most likely to have many cities, and corruption on a government level (we can discuss racial tendencies and why this holds true in another blog). Those two bits of information hold minor roles in the story.

Being Neutral

I have had many people claim that Neutral alignment is either the cheaters way of doing what they want without worry of the consequences, or that the alignment should not be an option because it creates characters who do not truly care about anything. These are two separate view points that while I will not say are invalid, I will state that they do not leave enough room for interpretation. They are narrow views. There are many ways to be neutral. We will not take the time to go over alignment and all of the options in this blog. We will talk about that another time.
Does your character have more evil tendencies? Perhaps they lean on the side of good. Regardless of how you decide to play the character neutral alignment simply means that they do not necessarily lean toward either side from the start. They can be swayed to do things depending on the situation.
With the character that we are building neutrality does actually make sense. He once held law and the order of government in high regard. That system has since betrayed him. Going neutral means that he still can be a good person. He is just currently in search of a new place in the world. He is open to viewing the world in a new way. Think of it like getting fired from a job. You no longer owe any loyalties to the company you worked for, and you are now open to look for a job that suits your current situation. You might even take the opportunity to change your field of profession. You are still the person you were, but now you have the option to become something more. That is where our character begins the journey your game will take him on.

Being a Bard

I was actually really excited to see this one hit the top of the list! Bards are one of the most versatile classes available. Bards are known for many skill sets. Add in arch-types and/or prestige classes and they can be focused into an extremely powerful ally, or one of the hardest villains you will ever encounter. Bards can buff your party, or hinder your enemies. They can heal, they can use spells , and they can fight. They may not be the best at anything, but they are second best at everything.

With the character we are building I almost immediately knew how I wanted this story to go. Our guy is a bard. He is good at what he does, and he has been targeted by a person of power because of it. While most bards are pictured to be mischievous, instrument playing tavern dwellers, they do not have to be. I see our guy as a man of words. An oratory master. Being among the best in his field, he was hired by nobles and royalty to speak on their behalf. He spent most of his career in the courts. Traveling from city to city along the roads he has gained some skill in defending himself, although he does not have any military training. It was this unexpected skill that kept him alive when his entourage was attacked. As it often goes in politics, he had done his job a little too well. When they found he could not be bought out of his current contract, the nobles that had been targets of his words decided to remove him from the equation entirely. 

What we have now

Our guy is a foreigner. A Court Bard by trade. Due to his talents he has been targeted for assassination so he left his country in fear of death. He does not feel responsible for the deaths of his traveling companions, although he does plan to even the score. He is looking for a way to gain enough power and the appropriate allies to right the wrongs done and bring the nobles to justice. This will be hard for him, he does not know who he can trust, and he is slow to trust anyone with the power he will need. He must find his new place in the world so he can use his talents to keep corruption from running rampant in the politics of the world he lives in.

The wrap up

Next week we will finish the job of creating him. We will add all of the detail work that will bring him to life! There is not much more we need, but as we all know, the details are what makes the difference between a good character story, and the epic tale of a legendary person. This is a very solid backstory! The only thing missing now is details. This is where it will be very important to speak with your GM and make the decisions on what country he is from, who it was that put a price on his head, and what it was he did that caused them to do it.
Reader Input Options

Here is what we need to finish this guy off:
What is his name?
What did he say/do to get on the hit list?
How old is he?
What does he look like?

Some of these might seem unimportant, but these are the things that will flesh out our character and truly give him life. These are the things that will help you know how to play him in all of the situations you will encounter along the journey.

Until next time ...Game On!