Tuesday, August 16, 2016

MK From Concept to Creation: The Finishing Touch


MK From Concept to Creation: The Final Touch.

Welcome to the last installment of our first ever Reader Input Series. The closing round of votes brings us some of the fine detail work that will give depth to the character we have been creating. The last bits of information you have been tasked with providing are in! After last weeks blog, Who are you?, we gave four detail driven input requests. Let's go over them now shall we?

What is his name?
Some of the input received here was ...let's just say less than serious. I do not believe "Bardy McBardface" would do justice to our guy. Although, I did get a small chuckle upon reading it. So to be perfectly honest, I only counted the more practical or realistic names suggested. For a moment there I forgot that this is the internet. The name chosen is strong and noble. It has a good ring to it and I feel it fits the character very well. That being said, here is our favored answer! This Gentleman will now be known as Edward Logan. 

How old is he?
Again folks had a bit of fun here. Humans do not live to be Four-hundred and Twenty (yes, I do know what you did there). Neither could a Human male with the current back ground we have given him be six years old. Instead we are going to run with the more logically sound answers/votes. So Edward Logan is 27 years of age. This is old enough to have been around in the court scene. Young enough to still be of use and in demand with looks, presence and talent. It is a good balanced age for the background given to him.

What does he look like?
Here are the winning descriptors! Edward has long blonde hair. No facial hair/close shaven face. His eyes are light hazel and have an underlying look of knowledge. He dresses well. High boots, long vest, nobility style white shirt. Pale skin. He stands at average height. This ties right in with the charming looks and disposition we have discussed him having.
The part I liked best was this bit that speaks more of who he is than what he looks like; "(Edward) has presence. When he walks into a room, people notice. When he takes the floor to speak, people listen. Regardless of how they feel about him personally, both friend and foe alike pay full attention to the words that leave his lips." Little details like this are what help us to truly feel and understand who Edward is, and how he interacts with those around him.

 What did he say/do to get on the hit list?
Edward Logan was hired to speak with the locals and gather some information against a noble of high power, and then speak of his findings during the annual gathering of nobles. At this gathering, the next three years of titles, duties and distribution of the kingdoms wealth would be discussed. Rumors ran wild about all of the things this family was into. It would be hard to track down reliable information. Everyone had an opinion. The poor and working class would only speak in hushed tones about the cruelty and swift punishment of those who crossed them. They were more likely to speak loudly of the wealth that they "graciously" paid the people who worked for them.
Lucky for Edward, he was used to using his charm and presence to instill comfort and trust in the eyes of others. He did find out a lot of information. He was even able to track it back to solid evidence. The family was gaining wealth and power with sites for the crown.
Unfortunately for Edward, in tracking this evidence down, his efforts and intentions had been exposed. Upon his return trip to the city, a group of thugs ambushed he and his companions. Edward was the only survivor, and barely so. Now he had to find a way to stay alive and keep the evidence safe while he himself gained some power and friends of the correct skill sets to help him expose the threat to the crown.

What we have Created
Edward Logan is a Court Bard by trade. He is a well liked man, and his talents are in demand. He uncovered a plot by a Noble family to use bribery, assassination, misdirection and misinformation to rise in power with hopes to land on the throne. Upon learning this he became a target and his traveling party was ambushed. He was the only survivor and has fled to find people he can trust with the skills to help him expose the evil that threatens his home. He wants them to pay for the lives they have taken. He is looking for a way to gain enough power and the appropriate allies to right the wrongs done and bring the nobles to justice. This will be hard for him, he does not know who he can trust, and he is slow to trust anyone with the power he will need. He learned too late the cost of misplaced trust. He must find his new place in the world so he can use his talents to keep corruption from running rampant in the politics of the world he lives in.
The Wrap Up
There is plenty more that we could write, but this is enough to make a template for you to add the detail of your own personal preferences, styles, gaming systems and campaign. I have purposefully not added anything system or world specific. This gives you the ability to adapt him to whatever setting you wish. Thank you all for following along as we have gone through my method of Character Creation. It has been a bit of a journey, and even through those rowdy internet trolls we have endured! I hope you have enjoyed our first ever Reader Input Series as much as I have. The next one will focus on less on RPGs and more on other Tabletop games!

Have an idea? A question? We are always listening! Drop your lines below in the comment section, or on any post you find with an MK Tabletop Talk link and we will find and answer/discuss your ideas. After all, f it wasn't for our readers, we wouldn't be here.

Until next time ...Game On!