Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MK: Up & Coming


I have an exciting topic to discuss today! You might have a guess based on the title MK: Up and Coming. If that wasn't a good enough hint, I am sure the picture was a definite giveaway.

That is right! MK Tabletop was one of the many Retail Backers of Steamforged Games Ltd Board Game adaption of the hit video game series Dark Souls! While there is still about a year before the game will be finished and produced, it is currently available for Pre-Order at MKTabletop.com.

Why talk about it so early? Besides the fact that we are really excited about this game, the first production run will be limited. Inventory levels are being based off of expected sales. This is typical as well as smart business! When they send out the call for final count, the more people that have pre-ordered the game, the bigger the production numbers will be. Not to mention that if you pre-order, you know for sure that you will receive the game in the first release! So if you have been wanting to get on the train but missed the Kickstarter, it's not too late!

On the fence? Let's take a deeper look at what you get for your money. Dark Souls The Board Game Core Set is not a cheap purchase ($124.99). Not in any sense of the word. However, if you look at what you get for your money...

Looks decent, eh? The miniatures are world class quality! The game itself applies mechanics before unseen. The game has been designed to accurately portray the feel of the game (yes, you will die ...a lot) so it is always a choice between life, or the looming possibility of death around every corner.

Let's discuss the game play a bit. This game starts off as your average dungeon crawler. It has very minimum set up in order to play. Drop the starting tile, pick your character, pick your Boss battle, shuffle the event deck, start playing! When you choose to explore, drop a new floor tile into position and flip the top card of the event deck. This will tell you what you find in the room.  Should you be either skilled or lucky enough to clear the room, collect your reward! This may be new gear, one use items or just some good old-fashioned experience (XP).


Choosing your starting character can be fun! There are four options in the Core Set. Each will have a different set of starting skills and attributes. As you continue to search and destroy you will gain XP. This can be spent to upgrade your character as you wish! So if you want to be the wizard that swings the Ultimate Great-sword, given enough XP, you can do just that! Don't let the basic starting numbers guide you too much. Between XP advancement and equipment/treasure, you can always alter things later to fit the build you desire.

This new adjustment was announced just this morning/last night. They have also altered the way dodging works. You now have a better chance of avoiding the slow moving, large damage attacks. The way it was previously designed you had to beat the damage number in order to avoid the hit. The bigger the hit, the harder it was to avoid. Anyone who has played the video game version knows that sometimes the biggest attack, while crippling, tended to be a hint slower and more obvious and therefore easier to avoid. Both of these changes were made to help the Board Game play more like the Video Game.


Each Boss has it's own "Boss Deck". The deck contains more cards than you will use in a single game. This helps to make the attack sequence different every time you play the game! You will pull five cards from the deck, shuffle them and place them down where you can reach them when ready. Pay attention to the order of attacks! After you make it through the first five rounds, you flip the deck over and draw again ...in the same order! If you remember the way the beast fought it will help you avoid the attacks. After the chosen adversary reaches half health, you add a "finisher" card, shuffle and continue play. This will alter the order of the attacks as well as add a big one you definitely want to avoid! So again, watch the sequence in which the cards are revealed.

As I have not played the game myself  (...yet), and things are changing as the development process continues, I don't want to spend too much time going over the specifics of gameplay. I do wish to give enough information to help you see why this game has blown up as big as it did! Steamforged Games Ltd requested 50,000 pounds within 27 days to create the game through crowd funding. They had over one million pounds within the first 24 hours, and over three million before the project was done! I will do a full review of the game the second it lands in my hands!

For now we just wanted to get the word out about the exciting things coming our way. Along with the Core Set, MK Tabletop will have all of the expansions, character sets, and the exclusive retail only Boss releases! There is one more full Kickstarter set unclaimed in our retail kit. This means that the first pre-order we receive will have all stretch-goals included!

Get your Pre-Order here!

Comments? Questions? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to either use the comments below, or send us a direct email at support@mktabletop.com.

Until next time... Game On!

 Here are images of the other available add-ons to help build your interest... ;)