Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MK Tabletop Talk Game Review: Fluxx


Welcome to another MK Tabletop Talk Game Review! I am happy to announce that MKTabletop.com has added six different versions of the Fluxx Card Game to their inventory! This game has been a regular on our Tabletop for years in my family.

Have you ever wanted to play a card game that was truly like no other? A game so unusual that, not only does it change every time you open the box to play, but actually goes beyond that and changes with almost every card that is played? If this sounds even remotely intriguing, Fluxx truly is the game for you. I know that description may make it sound complicated,but the concept for this game is a simple one. To begin, game play consists of two rules. On your turn you will draw one card and play one card. Aside from that, if you can read and follow directions, you can play this game!
There are four initial card types (the cards shown here are from the Pirate Fluxx version).
This card will add or replace a new rule to the game. In the card shown the rule is changed from the basic rule of "Draw One" to "Draw Three" changing the rule until another card replaces it. So now you draw three and play one on your turn. Other New Rule Cards can limit Keeper Cards, Double up on Goal Cards, add random effects like drawing more cards if you start without a hand and too many other possibilities to name here.
A Keeper Card is placed in front of you. As it states right on the card. It currently does nothing more than look pretty on the table. It sounds pointless, but without Keeper Cards you can not win the game! In some game variants Keeper Cards can have rules of their own that must be followed if you want to keep the card in front of you!
 A Goal card will have a set of winning conditions written upon it (Goal Cards pictured are from the Monty Python Fluxx set). This normally consists of a combination of Keeper Cards, but can sometimes also require you to not have certain cards on the table in front of you. The Goal Card in play can be replaced by any other Goal Card by any player during their turn.
Action Cards are the cause of most of the Shenanigans in the game. Basically just read the card and do as it says! These cards can change New Rules, remove Goals, steal Keepers or even give you another turn! I have played Action Cards before that through the sequence of events that followed gave the win to another player who had previously had no chance. These cards are almost always game changing.
How to Win:
As mentioned in the Goal Card description, the only way to win the game is to meet the conditions on the Goal Card in play (this example is from the Cthulhu Fluxx version). The pictured Goal Card is "The Rats in the Walls". It states that if you have "The Cat" Keeper Card and "The Tomb" Keeper Card on the table in front of you, you win! Any time a player meets the winning conditions, even if it is because of  a card another player placed, they automatically win! There is no "Before you win, I replace the Goal" trick. The very moment a Goal Card, or any other card is added, or removed creating winning conditions for any player, the game ends. So you do need to pay attention to what is on the table if you do not want to hand the win to someone else.
Creeper Cards do not exist in every version of Fluxx (these Creeper Cards are from the Zombie Fluxx set). Creeper Cards are placed on the table in front of you the very moment they are drawn. You can not choose to place it in front of anyone else unless the card specifically states as much. Most Creeper Cards state right on the card that you can not win the game if this card is in front of you. If you reach the winning conditions, but have a Creeper Card in play, you still do not win. You must first remove that Creeper from in front of you and hope that no one changes the Goal Card before you do! Again, there are exceptions, but they will say so right on the card. In some incarnations like the Zombie Fluxx version, there are Goal Cards that do actually require you to have Creeper Cards to win!
The Basics:
When the game begins, you have three cards in hand, you draw one from the deck and play one from your hand. Read the cards before you play them! I have handed the game to other players before because I either didn't read the card, or forgot to look at what was on the table. The rules literally change with almost every card that is played throughout the game. The winning conditions, number of cards drawn, number of cards played, even the number of Keeper Cards you can have in play can be altered by New Rule Cards. The game is fast paced, but easy to learn and an absolute blast to play!
The Review:
I personally believe that the simplistic game play and the constant game changing tactics when merged with the numerous versions of the game that exist give this game longevity not matched by many others currently on the market. If you have a favorite theme such as Pirates, Zombies, Cthulhu, Batman or even Firefly, they have a version of this game with your name on it (no, it does not actually have your name printed on the box ...not that I know of)!
The game box is not much bigger than that of a standard deck of cards. That makes this game quite portable! Drop it in your pocket, your purse or your backpack and never be left with nothing to do during down time again.

Without reviewing and scoring each version of the game separately, I will give the Fluxx Card Game line a solid Four stars. I do highly recommend this game for people of all ages and all walks of life. It is easy to get drawn into the action and time begins to fly as you watch the ever changing rules twist and turn the game into completely different situations with each card played.
Until next time ...Game On!