Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Guest Blogger: Welcome to Our Tabletop LS!


It is my honor to introduce our first guest blogger! 
As many of you know I put out the call recently for interest in joining the MK Tabletop Talk team. One of the many things we are trying to do is appeal to all of our readers, regardless of gender, age or experience. It takes more than one point of view to interest all of these folks. You know a bit about me and my vast experience within the Tabletop realm. So when I say something "isn't complicated" it comes from someone who has played games that take longer to learn than to play.

Our newest Tabletop Talk blogger is LS. I have known her for as long as she was born (yes, literally). I also know that she has a very different angle on Gaming. While I may (or may not) be hitting the "Male experienced Tabletop Gaming" niche, She provides the "Female Not much experience" side of things. It seems to me that that is the polar opposite of the coin and therefore greatest option to begin expanding the depth of our blogging.  also helps that she is my sister. lol
Now she may make some claims about the particular "play stylings" of certain other bloggers here. Knowing that she not only will read this, but continue to write more blogs, some most likely containing hard evidence, all I will say on this matter is that I can neither confirm nor deny the allegations against me at this current juncture.
Let's Just call it ...sibling rivalry. After all...
MK Tabletop Welcomes LS


 I’d like you to think back a few months, back to the beginning of this blog.  In fact, think right back to the very first post (Welcome to our Tabletop).  You heard the story of an idealistic time, a boy learning to love gaming.  He spoke of marathon games of Risk and late nights playing Dungeons and Dragons.  It was beautiful, and peaceful, just this side of utopia.

Now, I’m not here to call him a liar, but as child number eight, and girl number 2, I can tell you there was another side to the story.

As with all younger siblings, I desperately wanted to play with my older siblings.  Since most of my siblings were boys, it meant forgoing the usual playtime activities for girls.  Or at least as that was defined in the early 90’s. It never mattered what they were playing.  G.I. Joe and Matchbox cars inside, and baseball or ‘three flies, you’re up’ when we went outside.  I was right there for it all.

Except the board games.
I tried.  It never lasted long and I was always the first one out.
There was more than one reason.  Sometimes I just didn’t understand the game properly.  We might as well be honest, you can’t do well at poker if you never remember if the ace is high or low.  More often my loss was an intentional act orchestrated by my brothers.  Yeah guys.  We’re going there, don’t bother denying it.

One of the key factors in many tabletop games from Risk to Monopoly is the alliance.  Before the game has even started lines would be drawn.  You might not be on an official team, but you would always know who had your back.  It would change from game to game or even move to move, incorporating family politics.  Sure yesterday we were allies, but then you ate the last cookie.  Somehow it always seemed to be against me.  Eventually, I stopped trying.  When they started playing, I’d go read my book somewhere else and grumble that that were being too loud.

Fast forward, and now I’m an adult.  I’ve been married for while and have a couple of daughters.   We are lucky enough to live overseas and travel.  I had moved on, but I made made one mistake.  I married a gamer.  I tried to escape, but it still followed me.  So here I am now.  Still trying to find tabletop games I could finally enjoy.

Surprisingly, sometimes it works